Predefined Bots


Bottr comes with a set of predefined bots, e.g. CommentBot or SubmissionBot. Both bots accepts a function as constructor argument. The bots listen to a stream of new comments/submissions and call the given function with a praw.models.Comment or praw.models.Submission object respectively.

The parsing function for comments or submissions might take some time, e.g. calling praw.models.Comment.parent() makes a new request to the reddit api and waits for a response. Therefore, it is possible to specify the argument n_jobs when creating the bots. This is the maximum number of comments/submissions that can be processed in parallel by the bot. The stream of new comments/submissions are internally put into a Queue, being available to a list of worker threads that successively poll new objects to process from the queue. The n_jobs argument defines how many worker threads are available.