Bot Account Setup

To instantiate a praw.Reddit instance, you need to provide a few login credentials. If you have not done so already, go to and click the create a new app button. This should pop up the following form:

Create Application

After filling out the inputs and pressing create app, you will see a new application in the list above:

Application Box

With the information in this box it is now possible to create a praw.Reddit using the following parameters:

client_id:The personal use script listed in the application box.
client_secret:The secret listed in the application box.
username:Username of the bot reddit account.
password:Password of the bot reddit account.
user_agent:User agent description, e.g. Script by u/testbot. See also the reddit api-rules.

For the above example, a reddit instance can be created as follows:

import praw
reddit = praw.Reddit(client_id='6TC26cMNLi-qaQ',
                     user_agent='Script by u/test-bot',

Check out Authenticating via OAuth in the PRAW documentation for further details.